When you start a business in Sweden, there are several different options such as sole trader, limited company or trading partnership. When you start your business, we are happy to be your sounding board for what form of business suits you best.

We discuss what you want with your company and how we can contribute to you being able to achieve your goals. We are also happy to help with the administration of your start-up.

When starting a new business, we can give you advice on: choosing business form, starting up your own business, registering with the Swedish Companies Registration Office and the Swedish Tax Agency, reviewing your budget, making liquidity plans, and setting up accounting routines.


Business finance is what we are experts at. With our financial advice, you can get practical advice for your business administration. When you get help to plan your finances, you will see what needs to be done.

Having a balanced budget is an important cornerstone of your business. Together, we develop a financial action plan for you, which increases your chances of running a safe and sustainable business.

We can help you plan your business development, for example when buying a property, buying or selling a company, supporting human resources, discussing pricing models, profitability follow-up, liquidity follow-up, and executing budgets and forecasts.

If you and your company are facing future difficulties, we work closely with several specialists qualified in everything from corporate business to family law.


Time for a change in your business? As a small company, it can be difficult to know the best way forward in terms of finances, strategy, and development.

It can be anything, from improving the financial operation, digitizing accounting, advising on expansions, and planning the owner’s future. Financial decisions such as investments, costs, loans, and partnerships can affect the company’s results.

We have a comprehensive and long experience of business accounting and advice for both small and large companies, which makes us excellent as your financial sounding board. We help you grow in the very best way as an business owner.

Together, we develop the best way forward for you and your company.


We are knowledgeable and solution-oriented. As a customer, you can choose to do some of it yourself or hire our complete accounting services.

We adapt our services exactly to what you need and want. What we can help you with is everything from current accounting, invoicing, payments, reviews, reports and annual reports for tax returns, and payroll administration.

We work automated and digitally to be as cost- and time-efficient as possible. We offer our services in Swedish, English, Lithuanian and Russian.

Were you born abroad and need access to the Swedish rules system?

We can help you do the right thing from the start and ensure that the accounting is handled in accordance with good Swedish legal rules and and generally accepted accounting principles.


Managing and paying salaries can be time-consuming. There is a lot to take into account to get it right.

Why not hire an expert? That way you can devote your time to what YOU are an expert on.

Today, we handle payroll administration for both smaller and larger businesses throughout Sweden. Through our digital and automated solutions, we can work with your business in an efficient and flexible way. It will be easy and convenient for you to report time and data.

If you also need help with government statistics and reports, we will of course arrange that as well


When the financial year has come to an end, we do annual accounts and annual reports, and maintain ongoing contact with any auditor that you might have. For businesses that handle current accounting themselves, we can still be of service by, for example, preparing annual accounts and annual reports.

We are available for questions throughout the year and provide tips and advice on improvements in the ongoing work. When the year is over, we will review the financial reports with you and give suggestions for improvements for next year.

We also work closely with several lawyers and auditors. You are welcome to use our contacts for complete financial support

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