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What we do extremely well is to help our customers succeed with their business and their financial goal.

Our staff has a broad and long experience of financial advice and business development. We have consciously built up our team so that each employee has a unique background, knowledge and experience. Among our customers, you will find both smaller and larger limited companies, individual companies, tenant-owner associations and non-profit associations. As several of our customers also have a foreign background, we provide our services in English, Lithuanian, German, Russian in addition to Swedish.

We also offer a current accounting service. You can choose to do some on your own and then let us take care of the rest. Or if you want to hire us as full-time consultants.

What we can guarantee you is that you get a high level of our personal service and that we work in accordance with current Swedish laws and regulations. We stand for quality, security and honesty.

We like to work digitally and automatically so that you can do what you do best, run your business. By modernizing your financial flow, you reduce the time you spend on administration. The costs will be lower and you will have better control, which can lead to your result increasing.

With our range, competence, and experience deliver the best financial business solution for you and your business.

Do you want to move forward and evolve? Then you are warmly welcome to contact us!


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CEO and owner of Kupea

I am a solution-oriented Economist and a committed business consultant. With 18 years of experience in auditing, accounting, project management and customer relations. I have run the company since 2010 with the good help of my staff and mentors.
My main tasks are customer contact, advice and annual accounts. Personal finance and savings are also something that interests me.
I am passionate about helping my customers succeed. Achieving their goals.

I also want Kupea to move forward. That we are growing. Therefore, it is also important for me to give my staff the chance to develop in their skills at Kupea. All in order to provide our customers with the best financial business solution.
In my free time I like to travel and spend time with my family.
I like to take long walks in our beautiful Sörmland nature.

Contact me:

073 – 502 65 00
0155 – 60 60 00


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Boel Klaesson

My contacts:
0155 – 60 60 00

Neringa Seskuviene

My contacts:
073 – 509 05 23
0155 – 60 60 00

Lana Karlsson

My contacts:
072 – 944 12 54

Linda Rönn

My contacts:
0155 – 60 60 00

Paulina Strazdauskiene

My contact:
070 – 048 02 13

Our office

You will find us at Fågelvägen 1, Nyköping. Our office is near both shops and restaurants in the central of the city. Parking is easy.

We are looking forward to hear from you.